The origin:

Invented by  German born Joseph H. Pilates, he originally called it Contrology. After his death in 1967 it was called Pilates Method, today Pilates.

Pilates is based on functional movements and the ability to control your body under a large variety of demands, leading to improved fitness and health. This method includes a variety of equipment, designed by Mr. Pilates, to help improve form and function of your body. The basic functional movements of pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and rotating all require our bodies to work at optimal function, with ideal joint mobility and stability, something many of us have unlearned from years of being trapped behind desks, in cars and on the couch.

Is it for you?

Pilates has great benefits if you are seeking to improve strength and flexibility to enhance your athletic performance. If you like to ski, bike, hike, run, climb, Pilates is sure to better your performance and improve recovery. Like to golf? How about adding 10-20 yards to your drive? Pilates will. Many baseball-, football-, soccer players, golfers and pro athletes use the benefits of Pilates to supercharge their performance.

Not an athlete? Keep on reading

Pilates has also been proven in helping rehabilitation after joint replacements, surgeries and injuries, Scoliosis, http://risepilates.com/pilates-helps-with-scoliosis/  Arthritis, Osteoporosis and many more, since the movements are done with focus on form to rehabilitate function with increase of strength. In the case of recovery, the equipment will help to unload the joint in question, but still work the important muscles around it. Pilates is a great pre- and post natal workout, and if you have no limitations, it's just going to make you incredibly strong, lean and balanced.





a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.
It was named after German physical fitness specialist Joseph Pilates (1883–1967), who devised the system he initially called Contrology.
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