About Chantall

The beginning:

Rise Pilates was born when I moved to Santa Fe, NM  in July of 2014. I previously worked for Ellie Herman Studio in Brooklyn, NY http://www.elliehermanpilates.com/and Movements Afoot, NY, NY.  Here is it where I received my Pilates Certification through Balanced Body. My teachers Lesley Powell, Denise Small, Doris Pastelleur-Hall (Carola Trier was her mentor)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carola_Trier and Kimberly Fielding were instrumental to my passion for Pilates, movement reeducation and working with special populations. This taught me that Pilates is not just a sequence of exercises but a extremely customizable and adaptable tool for everybody looking for physical and mental change.

My personal Pilates story:

First off: I am not a dancer. I am not the conventional come about Pilates teacher. I found Pilates as a means to get in physical shape and help my poor lower back. That was hurting pretty much all day. Pilates was definitely a rehabilitative tool to get me back to perform my high physical demands at work. (designing and executing showrooms for Crate&Barrel). I took immediately to the mindfulness and the quality movement, but never saw myself as a teacher. However I became more and more interested. I took classes 2-3 times a week and the more I practiced, the more I wanted to know. I entered the Mat teacher training with Lesley and after the first module, she said "you should teach!" Fast forward three years of teacher training, self practice, observation student teaching and getting certified, I quit my Crate job and became a full time Pilates teacher, I never looked back. I knew, I had found my calling.

Why Santa Fe?

I still don't know exactly why I ended up in the City Different, but it felt like it was the right thing to do. I saw tired of the hustle and bustle in NYC, needed to be closer to nature, more sunshine, definitely more sunshine and enjoy life much more. I wanted to create a beautiful, intimate space to make my own and see clients that were looking for more than just a workout. True understanding of their body, willingness and commitment to do the work, yet understanding the subtle nuances and the importance to strive for "perfection". It really matters how you perform the exercises. I think it is my forte to convey this to each and every client, and see if you're not quite there. My clients call it X-ray eyes.

Why Rise?

The name was born over a glass of dirty Martini, extremely dirty, with my friend James back in Brooklyn. I have a tattoo on my left forearm that is there to remind me of my grandmother. She was the toughest woman I knew, she raised me, survived two world wars, being shot in the head, almost blind for the last 10 years of her life. And always, she rose... above, to the occasion and after an especially brutal fall in her 90's she recovered with hard physical work and the power of her mind in no time, just because that's what she did. Moving strong. Always. I am also a fan of Maya Angelou's  poetry.

Moving on...

After working at The club at Las Campanas for 2.5 years I opened Rise Pilates in it's first brick and mortar location on 1807 Second Street #20 on February 3rd. 2017. The space is intimate, bright, quiet, fresh, with tons of natural light, state of the art Balanced Body equipment, plenty of parking and a convenient location. The unusual part is, that the space, for the duration of our session, is yours. No other instructor, no other clients, this guarantees a very personalized and quiet learning experience. This is not a Pilates factory, but a boutique Pilates studio.