More pro athletes are doing pilates

It’s a thing for pro-athletes, they do Pilates to enhance their game! Being able to control your body in space will not only enhance your daily life but your sports performance as well. Especially with ski season upon us, here in Santa Fe, NM. Strong legs and hips are a must, making the powder way more enjoyable.


Salt, are you eating enough?

Here are two mind blowing videos on the subject of Salt/ Sodium and the effects it has on the body. Dr. Dinicolantonio is extremely knowledgeable and helped publish over 200 scientific articles on the subject matter and wrote a book on this subject that I am currently reading and felt the need to share the information. Have a watch and see if you eat enough salt.

His book:

Stop cracking your knuckles!

I found this little video today, and I can’t say how happy I am about it.

It shows very simply what happens to your joints when you pop or crack your fingers, hip, neck, etc. I used to be a big “neck cracker”. Until I found out what happens and that the cracking actually increases the swelling that makes you want to crack the joint even more. A vicious cycle.

Not just the swelling and constant pulling and stretching on ligaments and tendons but just a plain old bad habit. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody, even if this clip says that there is no evidence for causing Arthritis. Destabilizing your body in any which way is not good. The Central Nervous System gets the message of “danger, we are loosing something here” and tightens up muscles around that joint. These muscles might not shut off when the “danger” is over and we become chronically tight. Especially muscles of surrounding joints. shoulders, upper back, even the lower back suffers if the neck is out of whack. In the end we are a sum of our dysfunctions and pain is the norm. Not a life I’d like to live…

How do you kick the habit?

Just don’t do it. Become aware. Realize when you want to crack and catch yourself before you start cracking. Choose not to do it. End of story. After a while (it can take up to a couple of months) you won’t find the need to do it anymore. The body heals and self regulates pretty well.

Wanna kick your cracking habit?

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The truth about stretching

This is a great article about stretching. More is NOT more, stretching with care is required or you’ll just get tighter or injure yourself.

Your Nervous System is running the show and it is so much more powerful then you.

Let’s talk about smart stretching, we can help you!


“Just because something has always been done a certain way, does that make it the best way”

This is a brilliant article on hollowing (the abdominals) vs. bracing them.


Hollowing which is a cue often used in the Pilates method but it actually destabilizes the spine and weakens the internal and external obliques.

Our body functions as one and  no one muscle can be isolated and there are always consequences for one muscle doing too much. We can not rely on our transverse abdominus (TA) to do all the stabilizing of the spine. We have many more options. Enter Lats, Spine extensors and QL, I’d add Psoas into the mix since he’s all snuggled up with our lumbar spine.

Singling out one muscle will not give you good results. This is why Pilates works. We always work muscles synergistically, deliberately and with precision and control.


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