Hip Hip hooray!

Contrology (aka Pilates) to me means, to individuate and isolate. Individuate joints and isolate movement, that is. Training for “real life” means we have to get weird and specific, go deep and play. Walking better will not start by walking, but by training our hips and legs. In my experience, most people have never felt their real hip flexors work. I mean Iliacus. Not rectus femoris, not psoas or even using abdominals to fake hip flexion. I mean fake in a very loving way. Pelvic tilts, or more so forward flexion of the body, be it sitting or standing is often performed by primarily spinal movement, contracting the abdominals or/ and a butt squeeze that results in a tucked pelvis. That creates and often deepens faulty patterns, for most people resulting in SI problems, lower back pain, tight hamstrings and quads. The body has to function as a whole. It works and feels better when it does. We as human machines have the wonderful ability to choose which muscle is doing the moving and stabilizing, the resisting and the lengthening.

More pro athletes are doing pilates

It’s a thing for pro-athletes, they do Pilates to enhance their game! Being able to control your body in space will not only enhance your daily life but your sports performance as well. Especially with ski season upon us, here in Santa Fe, NM. Strong legs and hips are a must, making the powder way more enjoyable.



Pilates helps MS patients


“I continue to attend bi-weekly Pilates sessions with specially-trained instructors. Though there are innumerable routines, all require a sharp mental focus (not unlike golf, tennis, running, billiards, etc.). I have found Pilates to be extraordinarily challenging and physically rewarding. While it doesn’t provide an endorphin high, I frequently get lost in the pursuit of doing the exercises properly, which creates a very beneficial type of mindfulness, and for those 55 minutes I often forget that I have MS.”

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Discovering New Mexico Part 2.





Returning from a recent trip to Colorado we stopped at the springs of Ojo Caliente to soak up the healing powers of the natural springs.  Of course we had to pay the Secret Sandstone Caves a visit. Quite hard to find, and breaking of some rules involved this is truly a place to seek out when you are visiting Santa Fe. I am still blown away by the craftsmanship, labor and vision of Ra Paulette.

Discovering New Mexico Part 1.

Discovering New Mexico is so exciting. A recent trip with a friend from NY to Chimayo was so nice. We explored the town with all the weavers, the pottery and the   Now that I am settled in  my new home and  working much more, taking time to really explore NM gets tough. The visit of a friend from Brooklyn gave me the perfect opportunity to go on a road trip. We went to the weaver town of Chimayo, NM, the Lourdes of America, and had an incredible day. The bright blue skies provided the perfect backdrop. Buying pottery and chiles, inquiring about hand woven rugs, feasting on green chile tamales and of course a visit to the Santuario de Chimayo. This church is just a gem and I am so glad I got to see it with a great friend. Oh, and of course, we got some holy dirt.