Discovering New Mexico Part 3

With my Mom visiting from Germany I finally have a reason to do some more road trippin’ and discovering of the amazing treasures New Mexico has to offer. Last Saturday we went to Chaco Canyon. An about 3 hr. trip from Santa Fe, NM, but well worth it.

The ruins of Chaco are showing the amazing structures built hundreds and hundreds of years ago by the Native Americans. It is hard to believe with how much precision and craftsmanship they were able to build great houses and kivas for thousands of people without the convenience of modern day.

The best thing for me was that my Mom could do the hike and ranger tour without any problems. When she arrived 10 days ago her left hip was bothering her and she could barely walk or even sleep without being in pain. 5 Pilates lessons later she’s climbing mountains… literally.


IMG_5900 IMG_5896