Hack your health course with Mark Hyman, MD

Hack your health course – Yes!

Pilates moves you, but besides healthy movement we need to pay attention to many other factors. This course on Marianne Williamson’s Commune platform with Mark Hyman, MD could be extremely valuable and I want to share the opportunity to learn from him, with as many people as possible. Here is the curriculum:

Day 1 – Health Care vs. Sick Care: Questions to ask your doctor

Day 2 – Vital Signs: Heart rate & heart rate variability, blood pressure, waist-to-hip ratio

Day 3 – Nutrition: Vitamin D, red blood cell size, MTHFR (genetic marker), B12 status, magnesium, zinc, iron

Day 4 – Male & Female Hormones: Testosterone, estrogen, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone

Day 5 – Heart Disease: HDL vs. LDL cholesterol, triglycerides (insulin sensitivity), hsCRP (cardiac inflammation), homocysteine (general inflammation), fibrinogen (blood clotting risk), genetic cardiovascular risk

Day 6 – Diabesity: Blood sugar and insulin, ApoE (genetic marker for metabolic disorders and Alzheimer’s)

Day 7 – Inflammation: CRP (general inflammation), ANA (autoimmune marker), white blood cell count, mycotoxin testing

Day 8 – Metabolism: Mitochondria health, coenzyme Q10 (essential cellular nutrient)

Day 9 – Detoxification: Liver function, mercury and heavy metals testing

Day 10 – Digestion: Microbiome health, food sensitivity, irritable bowel, gut permeability, celiac testing

Here is the link to sign up:


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