“Just because something has always been done a certain way, does that make it the best way”

This is a brilliant article on hollowing (the abdominals) vs. bracing them.



Hollowing which is a cue often used in the Pilates method but it actually destabilizes the spine and weakens the internal and external obliques.

Our body functions as one and  no one muscle can be isolated and there are always consequences for one muscle doing too much. We can not rely on our transverse abdominus (TA) to do all the stabilizing of the spine. We have many more options. Enter Lats, Spine extensors and QL, I’d add Psoas into the mix since he’s all snuggled up with our lumbar spine.

Singling out one muscle will not give you good results. This is why Pilates works. We always work muscles synergistically, deliberately and with precision and control.


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