My Mom’s testimonial – usually she’s my worst critic…

I spend a 3 week vacation in Santa Fe and worked with Chantall almost every day of my stay here. I’ve had persisting pain in my left leg and hip for months before but after the first Pilates session with Chantall, the pain almost disappeared. The following day I could walk free of pain. After 3 sessions I was climbing up Monte Sol. Taking a class every other day, I did my “homework” on the off-days, and the results were just overwhelming. I was pain free and seem to have lost 10 pounds. Eating more than usual, my figure changed and I gained a waist back that I thought long lost, I am 72 years old, and a waist is just not in the cards at that age… I am completely amazed, my whole outlook on life changed. I am excited to keep my personalized routine as part of my daily activities. Now being back in Germany, my friends can’t stop telling me how great I look. Thank you, Chantall!!!

Marie B., Germany

Thanks Mom, I love you!!!


#tbt alert, this picture is about 1o years old but it’s my favorite pic with her.