Testimonial from Charles Stringfellow

Charles Stringfellow, 87, Santa Fe, NM

When I started Pilates with you about 9 months ago, I was still recovering from the very serious fall that I had in June 2014.  It, resulted in a broken right shoulder, broken left wrist and broken left kneecap. The right shoulder required a complete replacement and a much longer recovery period.
This is a report on what I can do today, that I could not do, when I started the Pilates exercise with you:
 1. I can shift gears and exercise control of the steering wheel with the right arm when driving much better.
 2. I am eating more with my right hand rather than left hand since the fall, but not 100% yet.
 3. When dressing, I can tuck my shirt into my pants over the right hip with my right hand. and can use both hands to turn my shirt collar down and tie a tie.
4.  My walking gait is significantly improved.
5. I can place a handkerchief in my right rear pocket now which is great milestone.
6. I can lift my right arm higher in a controlled manner and lift more weight with the right arm to place an object on a shelf or hang a coat or shirt on a bar above my head.
Thank you for all the special effort you have made to get me back to the point where I can accomplish most use of my limbs in daily living, small things in many cases that we don’t realize how important they are until we lost the ability for some reason.