Testimonial from Jeannie B., Santa Fe, NM

I have always been an active person. Lots of exercise, gym workouts, spinning and most of all riding my horse. About a year ago I had a riding accident and spent eight months in physical therapy. The good news – I recovered, however, I was going down the slippery slope with my overall body strength. I was afraid to use the gym equipment or go to any type of group exercise class, knowing I had particular issues and was afraid of doing more harm than good. Then one day a friend introduced to me Chantall – the best thing that could have happened to me! After one session I signed up to work with her three times a week and will do this forever!  Chantall and Pilates are synonymous and her dedication to her clients is beyond explanation. She is an amazing person; a more dedicated Pilates instructor would be hard to find. She has an impressive, in-depth knowledge of the body and understanding of what each exercise is meant to do and consequently, she is able to tailor the practice to everyone’s special needs. The other amazing thing – the majority of her clients, myself included – are senior citizens – active, but still seniors. She is passionate about working with this age group and keeping us fit, strong and active into our golden years. Because of Chantall, I am aging backwards! Not only does she move me on a deep, personal level, but she literally keeps me moving!

-Jeannie B. Santa Fe, NM