Testimonial from Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily Franklin, Santa Fe, NM

I have suffered from back and neck tension and pain (from multiple car accidents) for many years. That limited my physical ability. I love to hike and bike and garden, but it was hard for me to do these things.

Over the years, I have done all manner of bodywork, physical therapy, etc, and while everything helped some, none of it made a huge difference.

Until I met Chantall.

When I began Pilates with Chantall, I could barely do any of the beginner exercises. But her skill as a teacher and guide is amazing. She pays such close attention to the body’s mechanics as you work. Her knowledge of how the body should work and what that looks like is really remarkable.

After months of appropriately challenging weekly sessions – where Chantall meets my level of ability and then pushes me to do a little more, in a gentle and skillful way – I can do all of those initial exercises easily, plus so many more! I am now completely pain free most of the time and able to do all the things I love.

I have also found that doing Pilates regularly has brought other, unexpected benefits. Because the exercises require careful focus, my mind is sharper overall; and the discipline of it has strengthened my ability to be more disciplined in the rest of my life.

Doing Pilates with Chantall has vastly improved my body and my mind, and, consequently, my spirit.