When I first met Chantall, I had major structural issues. I had tried physio therapy and was disappointed with my progress.
I started Pilates and have made significant improvement. My mobility is back, my strength much improved. I never hurt myself and mostly, my confidence is back.
I am ready for the next decade of health and wellness.

Margaret L, Santa Fe, NM

I have always been an active person: lots of exercise, gym workouts, spinning and most of all riding my horse. About a year ago I had a riding accident and spent eight months in physical therapy. The good news - I recovered, however, I was going down the slippery slope with my overall body strength. I was afraid to use the gym equipment or go to any type of group exercise class, knowing I had particular issues and was afraid of doing more harm than good. Then one day a friend introduced to me Chantall - the best thing that could have happened to me! After one session I signed up to work with her three times a week and will do this forever!  Chantall and Pilates are synonymous and her dedication to her clients is beyond explanation. She is an amazing person; a more dedicated Pilates instructor would be hard to find. She has an impressive, in-depth knowledge of the body and understanding of what each exercise is meant to do and consequently, she is able to tailor the practice to everyone's special needs. The other amazing thing - the majority of her clients, myself included - are senior citizens - active, but still seniors. She is passionate about working with this age group and keeping us fit, strong and active into our golden years. Because of Chantall, I am aging backwards! Not only does she move me on a deep, personal level, but she literally keeps me moving!

-Jeannie B. Santa Fe, NM

I have suffered from back and neck tension and pain (from multiple car accidents) for many years that limited my physical ability. I love to hike and bike and garden, but it was hard for me to do these things.

Over the years, I have done all manner of bodywork, physical therapy, etc, and while everything helped some, none of it made a huge difference.

Until I met Chantall.

When I began Pilates with Chantall, I could barely do any of the beginner exercises. But her skill as a teacher and guide is amazing - she pays such close attention to the body's mechanics as you work, and her knowledge of how the body should work and what that looks like is really remarkable.

And so, after months of appropriately challenging weekly sessions - where Chantall meets my level of ability and then pushes me to do a little more, in a gentle and skillful way - I can do all of those initial exercises easily, plus so many more! And I am now completely pain free most of the time and able to do all the things I love.

I have also found that doing Pilates regularly has brought other, unexpected benefits:because the exercises require careful focus, my mind is sharper overall; and the discipline of it has strengthened my ability to be more disciplined in the rest of my life.

Doing Pilates with Chantall has vastly improved my body and my mind, and, consequently, my spirit.

- Dr. Emily Franklin, Santa Fe, NM


When I started Pilates with you about 9 months ago, I was still recovering from the very serious fall that I had in June 2014 that resulted in a broken right shoulder, broken left wrist and broken left kneecap. The right shoulder required a complete replacement and a much longer recovery period. 

This is a report on what I can do today that I could not do when I started the Pilates exercise with you:

    a. I can shift gears and exercise control of the steering wheel with the right arm when driving better.

    b. I am eating more with my right hand rather than left hand since the fall, but not 100% yet.

    c. When dressing, I can tuck my shirt into my pants over the right hip with my right hand. and can use both hands to turn my shirt collar down and tie a tie.

    d. My walking gait is significantly improved.

    e. I can place a handkerchief in my right rear pocket now which is great milestone.

     f. I can lift my right arm higher in a controlled manner and lift more weight with the right arm to place an object on a shelf or hang a coat or shirt on a bar above my head.


Thank you for all the special effort you have made to get me back to the point where I can accomplish most use of my limbs in daily living, small things in many cases that we don't realize how important they are until we lost the ability for some reason.


-Charles Stringfellow, 87, Santa Fe, NM


Chantall combines impressive domain expertise with an engaging personality, and in the process, delivers an exceptional Pilates experience. I like to be challenged and I want my workouts to push, and subsequently reward me. In a most pleasant way, Chantall is doing just that.
-Jeff M., Santa Fe, NM

I can't recommend Chantall enough. Besides her excellent training, she is an Intuitive Healer. In the several years I have been taking privates with her in Brooklyn NY and now in Santa Fe, NM, I am always amazed by what I learn, and how much I have improved. But better than that, I am free of the pain caused by a twisted and tilted pelvis injury which I had for about 8 years. I did many things, spent lots of money, but it was when I start working with her that I made major advances in my recovery. Now I am no longer doing just rehabilitative exercises.

-Elaine O., Santa Fe, NM

Being athletic my whole life, I thought that Pilates wouldn't be much of a challenge and wouldn't accomplish much for me. After all, I had run pretty regularly and had been doing a healthy regimen of crunches, push ups and other exercises. Since I had recently been experiencing lower back pain, it was suggested that I give Pilates a try. And, am I glad that I did.

First, this exercise regimen is tough. I can do most of the exercises, but some of them put me on the verge of collapse working muscle groups that have been sorely neglected. The other thing that I would mention is that it has given me significantly better body awareness and sense of movement. I've now been doing Pilates for about two months and my back, though not entirely pain free, has improved immensely. My overall strength has improved and I am realizing muscle definition that I never expected.

I engage in sessions twice a week, one private [equipment] and one in a classroom setting. Chantall instructs both sessions and she is rather impressive. She has an acute awareness of posture and movement (demonstrated by her constant corrections of my form) and clearly knows her practice. I have never had an instructor impart such care and attention to their teaching. I would highly recommend training with her.

-Mark Z., Santa Fe, NM

I started to work with Chantall after experiencing years of chronic lower back pain. Admittedly I was skeptical at first about pilates, but Chantall turned me around. She's the best! She made me so much more aware of how to my body works and taught me how to activate the muscles throughout my body. She used her impressive knowledge of the anatomy to constantly adjust my workouts and gently push me to work harder.

The best part about working with was her encouragement and her positive attitude. As a result, I looked forward to our workouts and continued to improve. With her guidance and training, I have not had any problems with my lower back. I feel stronger, more fit, and more in tune with my own body. I'm a Pilates believer now because of her.

-Leo K., Brooklyn, NY


After 30 years of lifting [weights] incorrectly and 25 years of sitting at a work desk and 10 years of recurring PT issues… back… neck… this shoulder, that shoulder… , I somehow found myself under Chantall’s insightful care and tutelage and have finally found out how to use my body correctly and chip away at the damage I’ve done over the years. If we are lucky enough to discover it, we all have a gift that we excel at, and Chantalls gift is her uncanny knowledge and instinct for anatomy, and how to work it and use it to get the benefits you want and need. I’d walk into the studio and she’s look at me, and simply know what we needed to work on and I’d always walk out feeling stronger and better than when I entered. And now I’m completely f***d, and pricing homes in Santa Fe… !

-Paul B., Brooklyn, NY


I started studying Pilates with Chantall because I had developed lower back pain from a sedentary office job. Within a few months, my back pain was gone and my body was feeling better than it had in years. I'm not an athlete or a dancer, but Chantall's expert teaching and patient, encouraging manner helped me learn how to do things that I never thought my body would be able to do. Thanks to Chantall, I feel that I'm stronger and in better shape than I ever have been before, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-April H., Brooklyn, NY


I have been practicing Pilates for almost four years, and have worked with many talented teachers. Chantall is truly a visionary in this space, but she brings the vision right down to your body, right down to a single touch. She is able to combine what she's learned directly as a teacher with academic studies, special Pilates approaches (such as Rebecca Leone), and other physical disciplines and customize it all for your body. The most amazing thing about Chantal is that you always have her complete attention and focus, her mind is never elsewhere, she's right there with you, and she has maintained that for years, it just never gets old for her. I can't believe Chantall has left Brooklyn; seeing her twice a week kept me in the physical groove and I am struggling to find my way back. Santa Fe, you are lucky!

-Caroline A., Brooklyn, NY

I studied with Chantall for a number of years, and got my husband to work with her as well. Chantall is very knowledgeable, committed to continuing her "body" education, learning different techniques and passing them along to her clients. She is very in tune with the needs of her clients' bodies, even when I didn't know what I needed! Chantall helped my husband tremendously before and after his hip replacement surgery, and continued to help him strengthen and stretch to deal with spinal stenosis. She challenged me in the nicest way...but she challenged me nonetheless. And my body is the better for it. I won't forget: "Domes, wagon heels, shrink wrap, panini press!

-Barbara K., Brooklyn, NY


I have studied Pilates with Chantall for the last five years and in that time my body has become stronger and leaner. She is an expert in the Pilates technique yet continues to apply current workout techniques to the practice. She also fine tunes the movements to the specific needs of her clients. Her love of Pilates is infectious and you will find yourself so inspired by her energy and love for exercise and movement!!!

I highly recommend Rise Pilates.

-Caroline G., Brooklyn, NY


Chantall is a great Pilates teacher! I love the fact that her knowledge of the body and pilates is vast but she continues to want to learn about pilates, about the body, about teaching. The best teachers are often students themselves. Santa Fe's gain is Brooklyn's loss. Work with her!!

-Dempsey R., Brooklyn, NY


It was only four months ago that I was told that I would probably need knee surgery before I turned thirty. The thought alone was paralyzing, even more than the chronic pain I had been enduring since an injury inflicted on my ankle several years ago. I prepared myself to accept that fate, but then I met Chantall. Working with Chantall on rehabilitating from my injury and changing bad habits has left me pain free after only three months. The process was remarkably brief, but the experience of working with her was incredibly full and not one I will too soon forget. Chantall simply knows. She knew my limitations and sensitivities the moment I walked into the room. She knew what I wanted to achieve. But most of all, she knows how much trust it takes to go on that journey together.

-Daniel S., Brooklyn, NY

The first thing that came to my mind when Chantall instructed me in a series of "neck lifts" was that I will eventually look like a thick necked body builder. Even though the image haunted my dreams, I put my neck in Chantall's trustworthy and devoted hands no matter the result. I recently ran into a friend after having lost touch for nearly two years and the first thing he asked was what I had done to my neck. I immediately feared the worst, that I had transformed into the object of my nightmares. But before I could even react, he added, much to my surprise, that my neck appeared less wrinkled, more toned, and just plain better. It was a great decision to trust Chantall, I and my neck will always be thankful to her.

-Ida B., Brooklyn, NY


Santa Fe's gain is Brooklyn's loss.Chantall is a true magician. Her wonderful spirit and deeply caring nature has made her a teacher not comparable to any I have come in contact with. Anyone who chooses to study with her will be grateful to her for her dedication in continuing education in Pilates. My body has been truly transformed, I feel healthier and stronger than ever before and I attribute that to the time I spent with her.

-Meredith F., Brooklyn, NY


I miss you!! But, I do like the sound of your new adventures in Santa Fe! You are a fabulous pilates teacher. You welcomed me after my hip replacement surgery with open arms, incredible knowledge and TLC. Your attention to exercise detail, your ability to push me forward, enthusiasm and your use of imagery to help me "get it right" was unparalleled. I am certainly better aligned, stronger and now pain free. I can't thank you enough for your willingness to go the extra mile to assist me with my recovery. Thank you!

-Sally O., Brooklyn, NY

Chantall has a remarkable gift for teaching. She gives the most perfect explanations for even the trickiest of moves and does it all with charm, unfailing good humor and a true passion for her craft. She also has a profound understanding of the human body and addresses each of her clients' unique needs. She was not just my instructor, but also my husband's and my mother's. We all have our own challenges (including chronic pain and major past injuries due to a car accident) and Chantall managed to address all of them and instill an appreciation and love for Pilates in us all. I am deeply jealous of the people of Santa Fe because they will now experience Chantall's gifts.

-Lola G., Brooklyn, NY


Chantall is truly one-of-a-kind! What I most appreciate about her approach to teaching Pilates is her insatiable thirst for knowledge about the best ways to improve stability, strength, and alignment. Each week in class, she excitedly shares something new that she learned in a workshop or from other teachers that she admires. Throughout class, she carefully offers adjustments and delights in seeing our progress. I found Chantall at a time in my life a few years ago when a series of ailments had me wondering if I would ever be able to live without constant discomfort. Thanks to Chantall, I finally know how to use my body in a way that not only is making it stronger, but also is helping me avoid potential surgeries down the line. It’s been a month since she moved to Santa Fe, and I have yet to find another teacher who comes close to having Chantall’s gift!

-Rachel H., Brooklyn, NY

 Lovely Chantall,

I am going to miss you so much. It has been so wonderful getting to know you and you have really changed my life! You are an insanely talented teacher and I have appreciated  how much care and energy you put into our sessions. You notice everything and I have seen such real changes from our work. I trip less, have less neck & shoulder pain, better posture and feel so much stronger generally. I really admire how you are always learning more and re-evaluating what you know - it's inspiring. Mostly though, you are so kind and funny and thoughtful and have become a real friend. Good luck with everything!

-Lara F., Brooklyn, NY


I began working with Chantall in 2011 as a last-ditch effort to save my hip from pain associated with a labral tear that developed after years of running. Within minutes of our first session, I learned three times the information about my injury, hip joint, and whole body health/fitness than I had in years of physical therapy. Chantall is not only a master of explaining Pilates as it relates to human anatomy and physiology, but she is also a gifted motivator who genuinely cares about the well-being of each student, no matter whether they're recovering from injury or just looking to improve their physical health. We should all be so lucky as to learn from her expert instruction and infectious enthusiasm!

-Elisabeth M., Brooklyn, NY


I spend a 3 week vacation in Santa Fe and worked with Chantall almost every day of my stay here. I've had persisting pain in my left leg and hip for months before but after the first Pilates session with Chantall, the pain almost disappeared. The following day I could walk free of pain. After 3 sessions I was climbing up monte sol. Taking a class every other day, I did my "homework" on the off-days, and the result was just overwhelming. I was pain free and seem to have lost 10 pounds. Eating more than usual, my figure changed and I gained a waist back that I thought long lost, I am 72 years old, and a waist is just not in the cards at that age... I am completely amazed, my whole outlook on life changed. I am excited to keep my personalized routine as part of my daily activities. Now being back in Germany, my friends can't stop telling me how great I look. Thank you, Chantall!!!

-Marie B., Germany

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