At Rise Pilates, your personal needs and wants are the focus, not just a repertoire of exercises being done in a specific order. We play, explore, experience, feel, work hard, focus your mind and make you a human with a broad variety of movement potential.

Just as no hairdresser,  art teacher or investment banker are the same, every Pilates teacher is different. While the basic teaching principals (pelvic stability, spinal mobility…) are always the same, how you get there, is the individual teacher’s gift.

Experience, personal movement practice, schooling, continuing education, years of teaching, dedication and personality are all important factors when you make your selection. I often meet people who tell me “I tried it once, but I didn’t really like Pilates” because  “I didn’t feel anything”, “I felt overwhelmed”, “It was too hard” or “I felt under challenged”…

I studied and worked with a variety of people for over 18 years now. From marathoners, pre natal, post partum, desk junkies, golfers, people recovering from replacement surgeries, college students, dancers, well, just about everyone. People who suffered from chronic pain, people looking to get back into a workout routine or athletes who want to supercharge their performance.

Wherever you are, no matter where you’d like to go, I can and will help you along the way.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

– J.H. Pilates