X-rayed movement, a clip worth watching

I’m not advocating for people to take a yoga class necessarily. I do like yoga but I think most people doing yoga shouldn’t be, especially in a group setting where the teacher has little to no chance to give appropriate corrections or is able to verbally cue one safely through the practice. I really only trust my body into the hands of one or two yoga teachers, the same thing applies to taking Pilates classes (well, maybe 4).

A wheel pose is not something I would ever want to put my body into. Why you ask? If I was supposed to be able to backbend to this extreme, I’d be able to do it without any issue. We are flexion biased “animals”. I could go on and on over this subject, maybe another time. I digress….

Here is a clip that’s pretty awesome and around 1.39min you can see the radius and ulnar turning and I think thats pretty fascinating.